Moderate Exercise Can Enhance The Treatment Effect of Tumor

Tumor Treatment Recently, researchers from the Kansas state university found that regular brisk walking and jogging may have important effect to improve the effect of the treatment of tumor patients, and moderate exercise can also help patients against the side effects of tumor treatment, such as low blood counts, fatigue, malaise and reduced muscle mass and other symptoms.

Researchers point out that if the efficiency of radiation therapy can be increased, the patient’s prognosis can be improved. Compared with other methods for improving treatment efficiency, exercise intervention can have a better effect. And exercise can improve body system functions and change the microenvironment of tumor survival to achieve the aim of promoting the curative effect of tumor.

In this study, researchers used a model of prostate cancer to find ways to enhance the delivery of oxygen to tumors. When a tumor is hypoxic, it is usually aggressive and tumors in hypoxic state tend to be resistant to traditional cancer treatments such as radiation, so oxygen is a "radiosensitizer" that helps destroy cancer cells. The researchers found that exercise was a good way to increase the delivery of oxygen to tumor tissue. But the key point is moderate exercise. Too little exercise does not work while too much exercise can cause blood fail to arrive at tumor tissues and possibly damage the immune system.

Researchers pointed out that moderate exercise should be based on a person's aerobic capacity as the standard. Moderate exercise is an activity uses 30% to 60% of aerobic capacity while brisk walking and jogging are moderate exercises that most people can do. At the same time, this study also showed that moderate exercise improved some of the side effects of cancer treatment.

This study addressed the issue of exercise effect on tumor treatment and put forward that moderate exercise like walking and jogging can increase oxygen delivery to tumor tissues and enhance the radiotherapy sensitivity of tumor cells so as to achieve the aim of improving the treatment effect of tumor.

Exercise is the basis of health. Let’s run!


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