Fumigation and Steaming Therapy

Steaming Therapy

What is Fumigation and Steaming Therapy?

Fumigation and Steaming Therapy is guided by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. It uses the steam generated by the decoction of drugs to achieve the treatment goal through fumigating and steaming your body. Fumigation therapy of traditional Chinese medicine has direct therapeutic effect, definite curative effect, wide indications and non-toxic side effects.The skin is the biggest organ of human body with big area and more pores. Except for the effect of defending the attack of foreign invasions, it still has the functions of secretion, absorption, permeation, excretion and sense, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine fumigation therapy is to make use of the physiological characteristics of the skin, so that drugs through the skin surface absorption, cuticle penetration and dermal circulate in the blood circulation and play a pharmacological effect.

Principle of treatment

Through the thermal radiation effect of drugs, blood vessels in the affected part are dilated and blood circulation is improved. Drugs after fumigation act on the body, and the volatile constituents are absorbed through the skin. Some can keep high concentrations and take a long work time so as to improve the vascular permeability and blood circulation, accelerate the metabolite excretion, promote the inflammatory pain factor absorption, improve the body defence and immunity and promote the function recovery.

Advantages of Fumigation and Steaming Therapy

It has significant effect and prevents relapse. As an important part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), TCM steaming has been widely used in clinical practice and has been playing a unique role in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Check a Symptom

Traditional Chinese Medicine stresses prevention over cure. If your body gives out some signals, you should attach importance to them. The earlier you detect the disease and treat it, the better the prognosis. This is suitable to all the disease. In this article, we will list some typical symptoms. You can check whether you have associated disease or not.

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