How To Treat PKD Effectively

PKD Treatment,Chinese Medicine Treatment Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a genetic disease in which multiple kidney cysts grow in the kidneys. It can cause back pain, high blood pressure, blood in urine and anemia, etc. We should treat it timely to avoid further kidney damage. Then how to treat PKD effectively?

PKD treatment includes the following aspects:

1. Prevent cold

Patients with PKD are suffering because PKD is different from other diseases. It is a genetic disease. Even if family members give you much attention, it still can not delay the progression of kidney cysts. At this time, if you catch a cold, especially frequent cold, it will worsen your kidney damage. Thus, kidney patients need to prevent cold.

2. Prevent injury

The continuous enlargement of kidney cysts will cause increased cystic pressure. This will cause the enlargement of both kidneys and increase of intra-abdominal pressure. If you have any minor injury such as sprain, bruise or fall, it will increase the abdominal internal pressure or external trauma of impact on enlarged cysts, which will cause cyst rupture and bleeding. In this condition, it is easy to cause infection.

3. Control blood pressure

The vast majority of patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease develop high blood pressure before kidney function is impaired. The occurrence of hypertension will accelerate the damage of renal function, and at the same time, hypertension will also cause damage to the heart and cerebral blood vessels, and it will cause severe complications such as polycystic kidney accompanied by rupture and hemorrhage of cerebral hemangioma, resulting in stroke. Therefore, good control of blood pressure is crucial to delay the deterioration of renal function and prevent complications.

4. Control diet

Reasonable diet is very important to control the deterioration of renal function in patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease. It is proper to take low salt diet 2-3g every day. Eat low potassium, phosphorus diet. Low protein diet, low fat diet and eat more vitamins and plant fiber diet to maintain defecate unobstructed. PKD patients had better not eat pickled foods and acrimony excitant foods.

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