Hemorrhagic Fever Treatment In Nephrotic Syndrome

PKD Treatment Hemorrhagic fever with Nephrotic Syndrome, also known as epidemic hemorrhagic fever, is an acute infectious disease caused by hantavirus, which often causes acute kidney injury and is manifested as acute tubular necrosis.

Clinical manifestations

The typical manifestations are fever, hemorrhage and renal damage, and the incubation period is generally 2-3 weeks.The typical clinical course is divided into five stages: fever stage, hypotensive shock stage, oliguria stage, polyuria stage and convalescence stage.

What is the treatment for hemorrhagic fever in Nephrotic Syndrome?

Early detection, early rest, early treatment and local isolation treatment

The vital signs are observed closely, and the corresponding comprehensive treatment is carried out according to the clinical situation of the fifth stage.

Fever stage can use physical cooling or corticosteroids

If hypotensive shock occurs, blood volume should be complemented and low molecular dextran, fluid supplement, plasma, protein, etc are commonly used.

Diuretics injected intravenously is for oliguria. Adequate fluid and electrolytes should be supplemented for urorrhagia.

Treatment of symptoms and complications

Patients with obvious bleeding should be transfused with fresh blood to provide a large number of normally functioning platelets and coagulation factors. Patients with decreased platelet count , should be given platelet transfusion.

For patients with disseminated intravascular coagulation, heparin and other anticoagulant drugs can be used.

Patients with cardiac dysfunction should take cardiac agents.

Patients with liver function damage should take treatment for protecting the livers.

In severe cases, antibiotics may be used as appropriate to prevent infection.


Preventing and killing rats is the key point to eliminate this disease. When necessary, the hemorrhagic fever vaccine can be used to prevent injection.

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