Medicated Bath

Medicated Full Bath

What is Medicated Bath?

Medicated bath is one external application of traditional Chinese medicines and it is to put certain Chinese medicines into water to achieve the purposes of treating some diseases and building up physical strength while taking the bath. It has thousands of history in China and is highly recommended by Chinese herbal practitioners. This therapy is very comfortable and it causes no side effects or injuries to the patients.

There are a variety of medicated baths and it can be generally divided into systemic bath and local bath like lavipeditum.

What is the cure mechanism of medicated bath?

By immersing the most of the body into the medicated water-filled bathtub, after about 30 minutes, the pores of the body will open so that the medicated water is easier to penetrate into the internal body tissue. Additionally, the medicated water functions to eliminate the body wastes through perspiration. What's more, compared with taking medicines or receiving medical treatment, Medicated bath is more convenient and cheaper.

When the effective components of the medicated water enter into the body through dilated pores and increased permeability of the skin, a pharmacodynamical reaction will take place within the body. Then, toxins and some metabolites will be excreted through dilated pores so that the levels of serum creatinine and urea nitrogen will decrease. Meanwhile, the burden of the damaged kidney will be reduced.

What are the applications and curative effects of medicated bath?

By taking medicated bath, it can achieve the effects of relaxing muscles and tendons and activating collaterals, eliminating blood stasis and promoting blood circulation, heat-clearing and detoxification, regulating and nourishing internal organs. It has also been proved by modern pharmacology that medicated bath can increase the amount of certain immune globulins in the blood and enhance the skin's elasticity and vitality.

More specifically, it can achieve the following effects:

1. Clearing blood stasis and obstructions and dredging the channels and collaterals so as to promote blood circulation and blood supply.

2. Expelling cold and discharging toxins in the body through sweating during the bath.

3. Eliminating the dead and necrotic tissues and regenerating new ones.

4. Regulating disorders in the organs and achieving normal orders.

5. Activating cells, increasing immune globulins in the blood and enhancing immunity.

6. Increasing elasticity and vitality of the skin so as to fight against fatigue and beautify the skin.

7. Alleviating general ill feelings such as fatigue, back pain, etc.

What are the advantages of medicated bath?

Medicated bath is an external application. The active ingredients will enter into the blood circulation through the skin and the efficacy will not be damaged by the stomach and intestine, therefore it has quicker effects compared with orally taken medicines. And medicated baht will not increase additional burdens to the liver. What is more, this therapy is very comfortable and cause no side effects or injuries to the body. Therefore it is called a green therapy and is becoming more and more popular among patients.


Pay attention to water temperature to avoid scald. Diabetic patients whose skin sense of warm and pain should be cautious.

Patients with abnormal blood pressure should be treated under particular circumstances.

This therapy is contraindicated in pregnant women.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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