Unique Chinese Medicine Treatments for Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure Treatment Kidney Failure occurs when your kidneys suddenly become unable to filter waste products from your blood. Chinese Medicine Treatment can get good therapeutic effect in kidney failure treatments from the overall dialectical diagnosis and treatment.

Let’s welcome Professor Hongtao Yang explain kidney failure treatments for us:

1. Diet regulation

For any kidney disease, diet regulation is the most basic treatment method. Kidney failure patients are suggested to take low but high quality, low sodium and low fat diet, consume enough calories. Besides, if kidney failure patients have high potassium and elevated phosphorus level in blood, they should limit potassium and phosphorus intake.

2. Protect kidney essence

The root cause of kidney failure is deficiency of kidney essence, water-dampness and turbid toxic retention. Therefore, protection of kidney essence is the radical therapy for kidney failure.

3. Control blood pressure

Most kidney failure patients suffer from high blood pressure. Hypertension can speed up the deterioration of kidney function. Therefore, it is the key point to prevent kidney function decline through controlling blood pressure timely.

4. Chinese Medicated Bath

It is called skin dialysis. Chinese Medicated Bath can make you sweat and assist detoxification, excrete fluid and stop itching. It is mainly for patients with serious swelling, refractory proteinuria and itchy skin.

5. Acupoint Application

It is an external application. Chinese medicines are grinded into fine power. It is applied into specific acupoint via penetrating agents. Through the stimulation of meridians and acupoints, it can regulate your body function, improve symptoms of kidney failure and delay kidney function decline.

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