How To Prevent Nephritis from Developing Into Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure Treatment Are you still far from kidney failure when you suffer from nephritis? Two cases ring the alarm for you. Nephritis can progress to kidney failure if you do not treat it timely.

Case 1

Lucy is 41 years old. When she was 20 years, she found abnormal routine urine in a physical examination. At that time, she did not pay attention. And the doctor also said it was just mild urine protein and gave her some medicines like hypotensive drugs and Jinshuibao capsules. At the beginning, she continued the treatment. But gradually she did not take the medicine and also did not go to hospital for reexamination. 2 months ago, she felt weak, had no appetite and had obvious body swelling. She went to hospital for checkup. At this time, her creatinine level elevates to over 900umol/L and both kidneys have shrunk. She is diagnosed with uremia and has to take dialysis.

Case 2

Mr Wang is 52 years old. 18 years ago, due to foamy urine and facial swelling, he found urine protein. But 24h urine protein quantity was 1.98g, kidney function and blood pressure was normal. 13 years ago, he took renal biopsy and was diagnosed with Membranous Nephropathy. He continued treatment, took regular checkup and took medicine reasonably. Now his urine protein is maintained within 0.2-0.7g and kidney function has no sign of deterioration. Blood pressure is stable as well.

These two patients both suffer from Nephritis. But why is there a big difference?

There are five factors that makes Nephritis develop to Kidney Failure.

1. Urine protein

The more urine protein is, the worse kidney function will be. If urine protein can be kept below 0.5g, uremia is rarely to occur.

2. Primary kidney function

The key point for chronic kidney disease is early detection and early treatment. The baseline of primary kidney function can greatly affect the treatment effect. At this time, you should pay attention to creatinine level.

3. Anemia

Once kidney patients’ hemoglobin level is below 105g/L, it is a dangerous factor to induce uremia. It is suggested that patients need to take checkup for hemoglobin to keep hemoglobin level at 110-130g/L.

4. High blood pressure

High blood pressure is closely related to kidney disease. Kidney patients need to control blood pressure at 130/80. This can keep you far away from uremia

5. Living habits

You need to limit high protein and high sodium foods. Avoid infection and over fatigue.

If related indicators of kidney function are controlled well and you continue treatment, kidney failure will not occur in your whole life.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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