What Should Kidney Failure Patients with Long-term Dialysis Pay Attention To

Kidney Failure Treatment If dialysis is suggested, it indicates you have been in end stage kidney disease. As for kidney failure patients, dialysis is necessary. But for long time of dialysis, it will make patients’ life quality worse.

Then, what should kidney failure patients with long-term dialysis pay attention to?

Prolonging dialysis time is the primary key. What are the advantages of prolonging dialysis?

1. Reduce the fatal risk of hyperkalemia

Most patients usually intake much potassium ion but hyperkalemia is the cause of arrhythmias. Prolonging dialysis time can significantly reduce mortality.

2. Reduce the accumulation of phosphorus in blood

This can reduce the risk of renal bone disease and hyperthyroidism.

3. Improve anemia

Increased urine toxin clearance, increased red blood cell longevity, and improved hematopoietic suppression of bone marrow can improve anemia.

4. Reduce risk of heart failure

Fluid, blood pressure, anemia and electrolytes are controlled well, which is able to reduce the risk of heart failure.

5. Improve amyloidosis and nervous lesion

Due to the increased clearance rate, amyloidosis and other nervous lesion can be improved.

Proper diet habit is the second key factor.

Eat a balanced diet with vegetables and fruits. They contain vitamin C and a lot of antioxidants, which help prevent aging and immunity. Restrict foods with high potassium and phosphorus level.

Besides, kidney patients also need to take proper exercise and have sufficient sleep.

Dialysis can do some help for kidney patients but it is not a treatment for kidney disease. If you want to treat your kidney disease effectively, you need to restore injured kidney tissues and improve renal function. Here we recommend Chinese medicine treatments including Acupuncture, Moxibustion Therapy, Steaming Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Chinese Medicine Detoxification Therapy, Chinese Invigorating Therapy, Negative Oxygen Ion Therapy, Double Filtration Plasmapheresis and Cupping Therapy, etc. They can play the role of dialysis to purify your blood. This can give you a good internal environment. Then Chinese medicines can arrive at kidney lesion directly to repair injured kidney tissues and improve renal function through dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, degrading extracellular, preventing inflammation and coagulation, improving your immunity and supplying you some nutrients. When renal function is improved, your symptoms will disappear naturally. Besides, Chinese medicine treatments have no side effects so it is safe for you. More and more patients would like to take Chinese medicine treatments.

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