Latest Treatment Method for Kidney Failure-Stem Cell Therapy

Kidney Failure  Treatment Kidney Failure is a problem in the final stage of kidney disease. The newest and most effective treatment nowadays for kidney failure is Stem Cell Transplantation. Stem cells can use their unique characteristics to achieve effective treatment from the root of the disease. What is the latest treatment method for kidney failure? It is Stem Cell Therapy.

How does Stem Cell Therapy treat kidney failure?

1. Characteristics of stem cell

Stem cells are repair cells with a strong ability of self-replication and multiple differentiation. When they enter the body of renal patients, they have a strong ability to repair damaged cells and restore renal function. Stem Cell Therapy is the newest treatment method for renal failure.

2. Treatment process of stem cells

When transplanted stem cells enter your body, they will reach the damaged kidneys through migration and homing. They can differentiate into new kidney functional cells based on the surrounding microenvironment. Also they can stimulate the regeneration of own kidney cells. These two functions can repair and replace the diseased kidney cells and replace the damaged kidney function to make patient’s kidney function restored gradually.

Most of the transplantation process adopts intravenous infusion and the patient is painless, convenient and has no need to be hospitalized. The prognosis is good. After getting treatment from professional doctors, patients can get rid of medicines completely if their body damage is not seriously damaged. In this way, patients’ life quality can be improved.

3. Treatment effect of stem cell transplanation therapy

With Stem Cell Therapy, it can repair damaged and diseased kidney cells, stop renal fibrosis process, reduce high serum creatinine level, relieve renal anemia, renal hypertension and renal swelling as well as other complications. Also it can make protein and occult blood reduce or turn negative. It even can also extend the dialysis time interval, or get rid of dialysis. At the same time, primary diseases get controlled.

In the late stage of kidney failure, known as uremia, stem cell therapy is also workable. Because stem cell therapy as a complementary treatment will repair as many damaged kidney cells as possible, protect the survival of kidney cells and kidney function. However, stem cell therapy also needs to cooperate with other effective treatments to reverse diseased kidney cells, prolong dialysis time interval, improve complications, slow down the progression of kidney failure and improve life quality.

Stem Cell therapy can treat kidney failure effectively and improve patients’ life quality. A large number of clinical cases have proved that Stem Cell Transplantation is not only the latest but also the safest and most effective treatment.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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