Chronic Kidney Failure Can Affect Respiratory System

Kidney Failure Symptoms Due to the disorder of internal environment and low immune function, Chronic Kidney Failure patients are prone to suffer from lung lesions under the influence of internal and external pathogenic factors, mainly including uremic lung, pulmonary edema and pyothorax without fistula.

1. Uremic lung

It is also called pulmonary edema in uremia and uremic pneumonitis. The symptoms are slight. In early stage, uremia can only lead to systemic symptoms. With the illness progression, patients can experience mild to moderate cough, cough with a little sticky sputum and have difficult in breathing. When interstitial fibrosis develops, dyspnea and cyanosis are aggravated. Hemoptysis in small amount is also an important symptom.

2. Uremic pleural disease

The incidence rate is 15%-20%. Patients can have pleural friction sound, chest pain or cheat discomfort, difficulty breathing or fever. Pleural friction lasts 1 to 15 days with exudation. There is no relationship between blood urea nitrogen and exudation.

3. Calcification pulmonum

Kidney failure often causes soft-tissue calcification and the lung is the most common site. Its clinical expression has chronic dyspnea or acute, subacute respiratory failure, chest radiography can be completely normal. Calcium can be reversed by stopping calcium supplementation, removing parathyroid gland, low phosphorus diet, oral administration of alumina oxide and application of low calcium dialysate, and increasing the number or duration of dialysis.

4. Pulmonary edema in uremia

It is one of the common acute diseases in kidney disease. When kidney failure patients have serious shortness of breath, cough, sweats and sputum, you should consider acute pulmonary edema.

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