IgA Nephropathy

What’s IgA Nephropathy?

Why patients get IgA Nephropathy?

Why is IgA Nephropathy a severe and long-lasting disease?

How do we treat IgA Nephropathy?

What tips should be noticed during the treatment course?

What’s IgA Nephropathy?

IgA Nephropathy (Berger’s Disease) is a kind of glomerular capillaries mesangial cell disease in which renal mesangial cells are damaged by exogenous toxins in the human body. The clinical manifestation is hematuria, proteinuria, or hypertension.

Asians have a high rate to suffer IgA Nephropathy, followed by white people. There are rare among Africans. In addition, the family clustering tendency of IgA Nephropathy shows the influence of familial inheritance on the pathogenesis of IgA Nephropathy.

IgA Nephropathy is currently the highest incidence of glomerular disease in the world. IgA Nephropathy is a progressive disease. It’s about 20% patients of every 10 years develops to end-stage renal disease (ESRD).It mainly manifested as hematuria, proteinuria, hypertension, edema and decreased renal function. The repeated gross hematuria, large amounts of proteinuria, prematurely elevated blood pressure, and prematurely decline in renal function are the main indicators of poor prognosis of IgA Nephropathy.

Why patients get IgA Nephropathy?

There are toxic and harmful substances in the daily diet and environment, which enter the human body and exceed the human body's ability to deal with them, causing problem in the body's inflammation and anti-inflammatory balance. This will cause the body's internal environment to tilt toward the inflammatory direction, putting the body in a state of micro-inflammation. Under the stimulation of repeated mucosal infections (pharyngitis), tonsillitis, enteritis, urinary tract infection), the human immune system produces a large number of abnormal glycosylation IgA1. The human body can not remove these abnormal IgA1, and they combine with the corresponding specific antibodies, forming immune complexes. These immune complexes combine with specific receptors on renal mesangial cells and deposit in the glomerular mesangial area, further activating mesangial cells to an inflammatory state, causing the proliferation of mesangial cells and proliferation of mesangial matrix. Glomerular endothelial cells and podocytes are then affected by cytokines.

Endothelial cells activate autocrine and paracrine cytokines, which disrupt endothelial cell intercellular connections and cause red blood cells leaking out into the urine, forming hematuria; podocytes activate autocrine and paracrine cytokines, which destroys podocyte-associated proteins and the podocyte skeleton. This leads to impaired podocyte barriers and plasma proteins leaking out into the urine to form proteinuria.

Why is IgA Nephropathy a severe and long-lasting disease?

In current clinical treatment, no matter Chinese medicine or Western medicine, the most commonly used therapy is immunosuppression. The drugs used are mainly steroids and cytotoxic drugs. They are mainly used for the treatment of hyperimmunity, inflammation and cell hyperplasia, but none of them focus on handling the root causation of the disease.

The root causes of severe and lingering IgA Nephropathy are:

1. the toxins in the body are not cleared.

2. the expression of abnormal cytokines is not adjusted well.

The toxins inside and outside the body are the root cause of the micro-inflammatory state of the body, and this micro-inflammatory state is the root cause of the abnormal expression of cytokines. The abnormal expression of cytokines leads to the dysfunction of immune cells and renal mesangial cells. They interact with each other and further aggravate the condition, eventually leading to excessive immune inflammatory response, injuring the mesangial cells of the kidneys, and involving the glomerular endothelial cells and mesangial cells in damage, which lead to the occurrence of hematuria and proteinuria.

Therefore, only the complete removal of toxins from the inside and outside of the body and the well regulation of abnormally expressed cytokines can relieve the inflammatory state of immune cells and intrinsic cells of the kidneys, so as to fundamentally control proteinuria and hematuria, as well as avoiding the lingering of the disease and frequent relapse. Once again, it would be a regretful thing if the illness condition finally progress to dialysis state.

How do we treat IgA Nephropathy?

We mainly adopt chinese medicine detoxification therapy to treat IgA Nephropathy. The characteristic of the treatment is to clean toxins inside the human body, adjust abnormal expression of cellular factors.

Three kinds of work will be done as below.

1. Compel wind to disperse toxins. Chinese medicine to promote blood and compel wind get applied in this course, either compel cold and wind, or cold and wind. By using detoxification therapy, the expression of anti-inflammatory cellular factors get improved, cellular inflammatory status get relieved, so as to prevent the disease from further deterioration.

2. Remove wet to dissolve toxins. Chinese medicine to promote Qi and remove wet gets applied in this course, either promote Qi to remove wet and heat or promote Qi to remove cold and wet. By this therapy, the balance of anti-inflammatory factors and inflammatory factors can be recovered. Micro environment of cells get improved, the expression of abnormal cellular factors get adjusted, so as to make proteinuria turn negative.

3. Get rid of extremity to remove toxin. It is to solve the disorder between yin and yang, either promote yang or nourish yin. By adopting this therapy, the stress status of human body gets relieved, human body’s immunity could recover. Self-recovery ability of cellular cleaning toxins can restored, so as to effectively stabilize the condition and avoid relapse.This therapy has no injury to kidney, work fast and avoid relapse.By the above three treatment course, toxins inside the body could be clean properly, functions of glomerular mesangial cells, endothelial cells and podecytes could be recovered, related symptoms like hematuria, proteinuria can turn negative and high blood pressure can become normal.

What tips should be noticed during the treatment course?

1. It is a must to seek treatment from professional hospital and doctors, exact diagnosis is the first, reliable treatment is also compulsory. Avoid money waste, even though you are rich, still not good to spend money wrongly, dont get regretted after being cheated.

2. Once finding professional doctors and hospitals, prompt treatment is a must to get the optimum treatment effect. Less money spending, less suffering, that is all our expect.

3. Once treatment begin, it is compulsory to follow doctor’s instruction, strict treatment, recheck and revisit regularly. That is the most effective solution to prevent relapse. As long as no relapse, cure completely is possible and that is also the most money-saving and comfortable treatment methods.

The above three tips are my years of clinical experience, and I wish that is helpful for all of you. If you have specific concern during treatment, feel free to contact me directly.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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