Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)

What is FSGS?

Why FSGS can not be cured?

Can FSGS Be Treated Well?

How do we treat FSGS?


What is FSGS?

FSGS is short for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. It is one of the most common causes of Nephrotic Syndrome. And it is very difficult to be treated, so it progresses to kidney failure quickly.

Why FSGS can not be cured?

Many of our FSGS friends responded by saying that their kidney disease has always been repeatedly treated and treated repeatedly. The hospital ran a lot, the money spent a lot, a variety of drugs used a lot, but their own kidney disease can not be treated well. Some patients each time to the hospital for testing is hit for themselves. Indicators are not seen getting better, sometimes even become worse to worse.

Some patients even get some good results after treatment. But as long as they are inattentive and have a cold, have a fever, or tired,or the diet did not pay attention well, the disease relapsed immediately. All of a sudden protein and hematuria came out, and the doctor often Say that you should start again. Many friends with kidney disease have lost their confidence in treatment. So they think it's just that treatment is the same without treatment. And they have given up on the treatment of the disease from their own hearts.

In fact, careful analysis of the reasons for the poor treatment of kidney disease has the following four aspects:

(1) The diagnosis is not clear: Some patients said that I have done a renal biopsy, how can the diagnosis be unclear? Yes, the current renal biopsy is the good standard for the diagnosis of kidney disease, but renal biopsy is not omnipotent. For example, FSGS renal biopsy results are not surely same to the clinical course of kidney disease, which means that although renal biopsy can make me clear about Sites, cell types, and types of active lesions and inactive lesions in the kidneys of kidney damage,but renal biopsy cannot be reflected in judgment of glomerular function or tubular function. So a comprehensive assessment of the extent of renal damage, patient's immune function status assessment, kidney damage assessment, including the current medication assessment is very necessary.

(2) The treatment is not standardized: It is still necessary to emphasize with everyone that kidney disease is a complicated disease. Don't think about which drug can cure the kidney disease. It must be a systematic treatment plan to treat the complicated disease. All the treatments have standard treatment system and the comprehensive treatment is very necessary, such as Western medicine strengthen immunosuppressive therapy, complications treatment, protection of renal function treatment and so on. The traditional Chinese medicine Treatment of activating blood and removing stasis and detoxification therapy. So the patients must find a professional hospital, a professional doctor, and standardize the treatment which can be cure the disease.

(3) Failure to prevent recurrence: The initial treatment of the disease is of great importance to both physicians and patients, but in fact, no matter how good the initial treatment is, it will not surely solve all the problems. Many patients often neglect the prevention of relapse which make them suffered a lot of loss. But many patients have treatment very well at the beginning. All the indicators are improving. However, due to the work of prevention of relapses is not done well, once there catch a cold, fatigue, or the course of hormone reduction, the disease will always relapse.

(4) Keep in mind the things in your daily life.

Can FSGS be treated well?

The answer is yes.

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a common primary glomerular disease in children and adult nephrotic syndrome (NS). Focal refers to only part of the glomerulus(the affected glomerulus is less than 50%); segmental refers to some lobules of the glomerulus; and sclerosis refers to the hyaline change or scar formation of entire glomerular.

If no effective treatment measures are taken, almost all patients will gradually progress to sclerosing , then worse to end stage of renal disease ( End stage of renal disease is also called uremia).

FSGS is a progressive focal segmental sclerosis of the glomerular disease. This pathological process can be aggravated by the intake of large amounts of protein. When the patients limit protein intake and adopt the treatment of reducing blood pressure,then the condition can be allivated. At the same time, endothelial cell damage can cause platelets and the formation of microthrombosis, which will aggravate the development of the lesion.

How do we treat FSGS?

Our center combines the modern Chinese medicine and modern Western medicine treatment techniques together. Especially under the guidance of the theories of Chinese medicine treatment - detoxification therapy, we conduct long-term exploration and research and find a new and effective way in the treatment of kidney disease.

Our center adopts traditional Chinese medicine to remove toxins. It adopts the following three aspects to continuously remove toxins.

(1) Dissolving toxins: dissolving toxins by tonifying Qi and clearing heat toxins. It means that the regulation the cells of anti-inflammatory and inflammatory balance. Its essence is to relieve the inflammatory state of the intrinsic cells of the kidneys, dissolve the toxins inside and outside the cells, and control the development of the disease.

(2) Dispelling toxins: dispelling toxins by reinforcing kidney and activating blood.That is to restore the normal metabolic function of cells, to correct the dysfunction of the cells in the kidneys, to dispel out new and old toxins inside and outside the cells so that make the protein, occult blood and the edema disappear.

(3) Detoxification: detoxification is carried out through qi and meridians to remove wet virus. It is also the smooth flow of the kidney's inherent cell detoxification channels, allowing toxins pass from the cells to the tissue fluid,then to the blood, and then excreted through the sweat, urine, and urethral channels which can guarantee no recurrence.


1. It is a must to seek treatment from professional hospital and doctors, exact diagnosis is the first, reliable treatment is also compulsory. Avoid money waste, even though you are rich, still not good to spend money wrongly, dont get regretted after being cheated.

2. Once finding professional doctors and hospitals, prompt treatment is a must to get the optimum treatment effect. Less money spending, less suffering, that is all our expect.

3. Once treatment begin, it is compulsory to follow doctor’s instruction, strict treatment, recheck and revisit regularly. That is the most effective solution to prevent relapse. As long as no relapse, cure completely is possible and that is also the most money-saving and comfortable treatment methods.

Check a Symptom

Traditional Chinese Medicine stresses prevention over cure. If your body gives out some signals, you should attach importance to them. The earlier you detect the disease and treat it, the better the prognosis. This is suitable to all the disease. In this article, we will list some typical symptoms. You can check whether you have associated disease or not.

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