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Diabetic Nephropathy Diet, Diabetic Nephropathy Christmas Day is a public holiday in many foreign countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is just like Chinese New Year. People will gather together to reunion and celebrate the holiday. When patients come to China for treatment, our hospital will also hold party to celebrate the Christmas Party.

1. Decorate the wards

Decoration makes the holiday more festive. Look, our nurses and patients together decorate the inpatient area. We decorate Christmas tree, hang mistletoe and play Santa Claus.

2. Make dumplings

Dumplings are traditional Chinese food but they are loved by many foreigners. In the evening, our nurses make dumplings for our patients.

During Christmas holiday, people can eat delicious foods but for patients, they should pay much attention to their diet. Including:

1. Main dish

Roasted turkey or chicken, goose, duck or fresh pork, or other wild game is a great main dish. Try to avoid ham, or other meat or poultry that is seasoned, which means salt and likely phosphorus are added. Stew made with moose or elk is also a great traditional dish.

2. Sides

Small amounts of mashed potatoes can fit into your holiday dinner. Double-boil the potatoes before mashing. Add garlic and margarine instead of milk. Try to avoid sweet potatoes, yams, parsnips or winter squash because they tend to be high in potassium. Rice, couscous or noodles make good side dishes. Use low salt broth and herbs to flavour them. Cut salt by making your own stuffing with bread, rice or couscous.

3. Vegetables

Low potassium vegetables can be enjoyed by everyone at a holiday meal.

4. Desserts

If you have diabetes, you need to limit desserts or stick to lower sugar ones. Other people with kidney disease can benefit from the additional calories in desserts. If you need to limit potassium and phosphorus, desserts with apples, lemon, berries or other low potassium fruits are good choices. Cakes or cookies without chocolate, nuts, or lots of dried fruits are also good choices.

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