Is Swelling Dangerous For Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Diabetic Nephropathy Treatment According to a large number of clinical case studies, the incidence of kidney disease in China is 10%, which means that about one in ten people has kidney disease. Diabetic Nephropathy is a complication of diabetes. Swelling can be a sign of kidney problem. Well, is swelling dangerous for diabetic nephropathy patients?

First, what are signs of kidney damage?

1. Back pain

Back pain is more likely to be related to kidney tumors, urinary stones, chronic nephritis and other diseases.

2. High blood pressure

High blood pressure patients tend to have kidney problems. Kidney disease can lead to elevated blood pressure while high blood pressure can also damage our kidneys directly.

The most obvious symptoms of kidney disease are proteinuria, hematuria and edema. Kidney stone, tumor, glomerulonephritis and urinary system diseases may lead to bloody urine and proteinuria. Some people may ask when massive proteinuria causes severe edema, if hormones can be used first to stop protein leakage. No, it can not. This is because hormones have function of retaining water and sodium, which will make swelling more serious. Once it causes acute pulmonary edema and acute heart failure, it will be very dangerous. You should first supplement high quality protein and then take treatments for urinary protein.

Once kidney disease is diagnosed, most patients care about dietary therapy to manage their condition. The following are some suggestions for you:

1. fructus Alpiniae oxyphyllae, mulberry and Chinese yam tea

Ingredients: fructus Alpiniae oxyphyllae 5g, mulberry 5g, Chinese yam 3g, raspberry 3g and rhizoma polygonati 3g

Practices and procedures: wash the ingredients and add fresh water. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 1 hour. Filter residue to get the concoction

Effects: invigorate the kidney and spleen, benefit qi for activating blood circulation and improve soreness of waist and weakness

Doses: 2 times a day

Conditioning relies on persistence and the first choice is dietary therapy. You can see the effects after one month of taking this prescription.

2. semen cassiae and ligusticum wallichii tea

Ingredients: semen cassiae 20g, ligusticum wallichii 5g and cortex lycii radicis 5g

Method: wash these ingredients and cut them into pieces. Bring the water to a simmer over high heat. Reduce heat to low. This tea can be used.

Effects: Tonify kidney and spleen, tonify qi of the kidney

3. Chicken soup of Goji berries andpericarpium citri reticulatae viride

Add Chinese wolfberry, rhizoma polygonati, the root of kudzu vine, dandelion, pericarpium citri reticulatae viride and ginseng into Chicken soup. Chicken soup is not only nourishing, but also can improve the deficiency of qi and blood, spleen and kidney to achieve the effect of clearing heat and diuresis, activating blood circulation and nourishing qi.

Dietary therapy can do some help for kidney patients but it is not enough. You need a systematic therapy to repair injured kidney tissues and improve renal function. In this way, you can get a good result. How to repair kidney damage and improve renal function? You can consult our online doctor for details.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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