4 Common Complications of Diabetes

4 Common Complications of DiabetesWithout good control of diabetes, it will cause a lot of complications. Here we list four common complications.

1. Eye Disease

Poor blood sugar control often leads to eye problems and, in severe cases, blindness. However, in the early stage of eye diseases, there are no obvious fundus symptoms or vision changes. If blood glucose is out of control for a long time, sudden dizziness, eye pain, blurred vision or sudden vision loss will occur. At this time, patients should go to the hospital in time and adjust diet to control blood glucose.

2. Cardiovascular Disease

Diabetes mainly damages blood vessels, leading to sclerosis and blockage of large vessels and microvessels, which can lead to vascular lesions of heart, brain, kidney and other important organs. If it is cardiovascular disease, it can develop into coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, that is, coronary heart disease. If it is cerebrovascular, stroke, cerebral infarction and so on will occur.

Such people should not do strenuous exercise, bear load, or be in the environment of overheating or cold to avoid accidents.

3. Kidney Disease

To eliminate the excess sugar from the blood, your kidneys have to work hard to filter the blood, which over time, can cause kidney damage. Generally, in the early stage of kidney disease, glomerular filtration rate (GFR) will increase. If not controlled, edema and albuminuria will appear. In severe case, it will develop into uremia.

4. Diabetic Foot

In the early stage of diabetic foot, foot pain, foot numbness, skin coldness, feeling dullness and other symptoms may occur. If the condition is not controlled in time, it will also develop into foot wound nonunion, foot deformation, muscle atrophy and so on, and finally develop into foot ulcer, wound nonunion, smelly and black toes and so on.

This group of people must do a good job of foot care, for example, a slight scratch should also be dealt with as soon as possible. Check your feet daily for blisters, breakage, ulcers, or redness, and use moisturizers to prevent cracked skin.

To prevent the complications of diabetes, diet should pay attention to the following points

1. To control the consumption of total calories. To follow multiple-meal-with-small-amount-for-each.

2. To slow down the speed of eating so as to effectively control the amount of food and postprandial blood sugar rise speed.

3. Do not rely too much on these sugar-free foods, such as sugar-free cookies, sugar-free cakes and sugar-free mooncakes, etc. Because they are high in flour, which can also elevate blood sugar level quickly.

Now you know the four common complications of diabetes. Hope you have a good control of your diabetes and keep them far away.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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