How to Treat Diabetic Foot to Avoid Amputation

How to Treat Diabetic Foot to Avoid AmputationDiabetic foot is a common complication of diabetes. Without timely treatment, it can cause amputation. How to treat diabetic foot to avoid amputation? Here are some therapies. Hope they can help you.

Amputation for patients with diabetic foot

If there is a glimmer of hope for limb preservation, no one is willing to amputate, and the quality of life after amputation is significantly reduced, resulting in physical and mental damage to patients with diabetic foot disease. The mortality rate of diabetic foot patients within 6 months after amputation is 20%, and even as high as 50-70% after 2 years of amputation.

Medical treatment

It includes controlling blood sugar, regulating blood lipid and controlling blood pressure; anticoagulation, vascular dilatation and thrombolysis can improve blood supply of the affected limb by improving microcirculation. There is no substantial therapeutic effect on wound healing of diabetic foot.

Surgical treatment

In the field of surgical treatment of diabetic foot, the most commonly used debridement method is acute debridement, which uses traditional surgical instruments, such as knives and scissors, to remove the necrotic tissue on the wound surface. The method ultimately involves closing the wound, covering the skin and turning it into a sterile wound, and then treating the infection with a full dose of antibiotics. This closed approach may seem seamless, but it is counterproductive. Debridement brings about the formation of new wounds. During the process, because of trauma and bleeding, the coagulation mechanism is activated, which leads to the formation of microvascular thrombosis and often further aggravates the microcirculation obstacle and causes new tissue necrosis.

Stem cell transplantation therapy

Stem cell transplantation is a new method for the treatment of lower limb vascular disease and diabetic foot, which has been developed in recent years. But in some countries, it is not available.

Minimally invasive treatment

Interventional surgery has great limitations in the treatment of diabetic foot. For patients who can be treated with stents, it does have an obvious effect on the improvement of lower limb blood vessels in a short period of time, but they often become occluded again, and there is almost no medicine to treat them after occlusion. Patients with occlusion below the knee cannot be stents.

Bone removal surgery

The most recent type of surgery, which reconstructs the microcirculation of the lower extremities, is associated with an increased risk of uncontrolled secondary injury and greater pain for the patient. The clinical effect is not ideal.

Chinese medicine

In our center, Chinese medicine is often used for diabetic foot. It can help the wound heal and improve diabetic foot greatly.

How to treat diabetic foot to avoid amputation? Hope the above therapies can help you. For more information on diabetes, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.


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