Four Common Causes of Diabetes in Children

Four Common Causes of Diabetes in ChildrenIn recent years, the trend of diabetes younger and younger is becoming more and more obvious, and the number of children with diabetes is increasing. What are the causes of diabetes in children?

1. Lack of exercise

Now many children's outdoor activities and exercise opportunities are greatly reduced. Exercise is not only a good way to lose weight, but also the most effective way to resist the invasion of diabetes. Because exercise can not only consume sugar itself and reduce blood sugar, but also benefit the increase of insulin receptors.

2. Insulin deficiency

The main cause of diabetic polyuria in children is the absolute or relative insufficiency of insulin in diabetic patients, which leads to the increase of blood sugar concentration. The kidney filters blood sugar through the glomeruli and then reabsorbs it by the renal tubules.

3. Genetic factors

The number of diabetic survivors in diabetic patients increases, which results in changes in the gene pool of the population, thus increasing the number of children with diabetes. In addition, studies have shown that there are genes in the Asian human body that can make the human body produce more calories. Originally, people's dietary habits and food digestion are relatively balanced. Once dietary habits are changed, the amount of calories entering the body will increase greatly, exceeding the load of genes and unable to decompose calories, so it is very easy to become obese.

4. Obesity

The increase of high calorie and fat in many children's diets will directly lead to excessive accumulation of body fat and become the main factor of the rising incidence of diabetes.

How to care for children with diabetes?

1. Children with diabetes mellitus who are younger and less cognizant usually develop diabetes in primary or secondary schools, and there are some cases of diabetes mellitus in the first two months of life. Because children are young, it is difficult to understand the comprehensive treatment of diabetes, which requires parents and doctors to help and guide them to fight diabetes more carefully and patiently.

2. Dietary control is more difficult. It's hard for diabetic children to accept that their diet is limited. Parents and doctors should give guidance and request according to the characteristics of children of different ages, and advocate the use of planned diet instead of controlled diet in diet treatment.

3. The amount of physical activity is relatively large. Children are more fond of playing and the amount of exercise is difficult to control. Parents and doctors should give care. They should neither exercise nor exercise excessively.

4. It is necessary to use insulin in children with diabetes mellitus, the vast majority of which are insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. We should make long-term mental and material preparations for insulin. We should not listen to the deceptive propaganda of secret medicine and fake drugs. We should stop using insulin at will to try the so-called "ancestral secret recipe" or "new medical method" to cure diabetes mellitus so as to avoid a catastro.

5. Monitoring urine sugar like adult diabetes patients. Children with diabetes also need regular blood sugar tests, but children go to school every day, so blood collection is more difficult. Fortunately, children's urine sugar and blood sugar coincidence rate is higher, so urine sugar monitoring can be used to observe the changes of the disease.

6. Adolescence. Adolescence is the predisposing age of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, and it is also a period of fluctuation of blood sugar and high demand for insulin. Patients themselves, parents and doctors should pay enough attention to it.

Now you know the four main causes of diabetes in children, and how to care for children with diabetes. For more information on diabetes, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.


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