Exercise in Winter and Psychotherapy For Diabetes

Diabetes Treatment For diabetics, blood sugar levels are higher in winter than in other seasons. Because the cold can make adrenalin secretion increase and blood glucose metabolism slow down so as to elevate blood sugar. Meanwhile, complications such as diabetic foot are more likely to occur or relapse in winter. In addition to medications, exercise is an effective way to control blood sugar. The exercise for diabetes patients have its particularity. If you do not pay attention to it, it can cause damage to your body.

Exercise should be step by step:

Exercise is very necessary for diabetes patients. Exercise can increase the synthesis and heterogenesis of muscle glycogen and hepatic glycogen, reduce blood glucose and regulate blood lipid, and can also increase insulin sensitivity in the body, improve insulin resistance, so as to correct a variety of metabolic abnormalities in diabetes.

However, some diabetes patients want to lower blood sugar by increasing the amount of your exercise. But the result is just the opposite. If you have not been used to exercise before, sudden strenuous exercise will make the body produce a stress response and secrete hormones. There is hormone that fight against insulin, which will elevate blood sugar. Also the complications of ketoacidosis are prone to occur. Therefore, the exercise should be step by step or consult a professional doctor for guidance. When diabetes mellitus is complicated with various severe acute and chronic complications, such as various acute infection periods, cardiac insufficiency, severe diabetic nephropathy, diabetic foot and etc, it is inappropriate to exercise.

Exercising on an empty stomach is dangerous:

Some diabetes patients want to reduce weight so they exercise on an empty stomach. It is very dangerous. For the treatment of diabetes, patients must take regular hypoglycemic drugs on time, which will inhibit the breakdown of hepatic glycogen. When patients increase consumption due to exercise, they will have low blood sugar because of the effect of medicines.

When low blood sugar occurs, symptoms such as palpitation, rapid heartbeat, shaking hands and sweating all over the body will occur. If it continues to develop, coma will occur. In serious condition, patients will become vegetable and even die. Therefore, diabetic person must not take exercise on an empty stomach. You should prevent low blood sugar when exercise and take some sugar with you and refill it in time.

Exercise an hour after meal

Diabetes patients had better take exercise an hour after meal. During this period, food digestion and absorption is faster. Especially, the absorption of sugar is fastest and then blood sugar level increases.

It is important to protect your feet in winter.

It is very important for diabetes patients to protect feet in winter. Sometimes even if it is a minor injury, it can lead to infection and gangrene. Therefore, you should often massage lower limbs to promote blood circulation. When sitting, you should elevate your feet to relieve foot pressure and promote local venous blood reflux.

When soaking feet with hot water, the water temperature should not be too high to avoid scalding. Sunshine is the best infrared physiotherapy, which can promote blood circulation, help control blood sugar, reduce peripheral neuritis and foot lesions.

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