Kidney Patients Insist On Four Dietary Principles To Reduce High Creatinine

High Creatinine When talking about serum creatinine level, most kidney patients will think of uremia. When serum creatinine level increases to 707umol/L, it indicates more than 90% kidney function has been damaged and you have been in end stage, namely uremia stage.

The increase of creatinine level has direct relation with kidney function damage. During the course of kidney disease development, there are some factors which can speed up the elevation of creatinine level such as various infections, high blood pressure and nephrotoxic drugs. Besides, improper diet can also affect the creatinine level.

Renal patients insist on the following diet principles to prevent high creatinine level from damaging kidney function.

1. Balance portion of vegetables and meat

Serum creatinine is the product of muscle metabolism. Generally, people with muscularity have higher creatinine level than those with less muscle. In normal condition, creatinine level is not affected by diet. But for kidney patients, their kidneys can not metabolize excess creatinine, and then improper diet affects creatinine level.

Meat foods contain more protein, fat and cholesterol. If you intake too much meat, which will workload your kidney and affect your metabolic function of kidney. This is not good for removing creatinine level. Besides, during the process of human body consuming and absorbing food, creatinine will also be generated so as to elevate creatinine level. Thus, kidney patients need to balance portion of vegetables and meat. Eat less meat, eat more vegetables and fruits. Foods with more cellulose and vitamin can speed up the metabolism of kidneys and do not workload your kidneys.

2. Low purine diet

When kidneys are damaged, creatinine level and uric acid will both elevate. Therefore, kidney patients need to follow a low purine diet and avoid further elevation of uric acid level.

Foods with high purine include animal offal, seafood and various stock. These foods are not only high purine but also contain more fats and cholesterol, which is not good for the stability of blood pressure and blood lipid. Therefore, kidney patients need to eat less foods with high purine.

3. Low sodium diet

Too much salt intake will elevate blood pressure and also increase the metabolic burden of the kidney, which is conductive to the excretion of creatinine. Therefore, kidney patients with high creatinine level need to restrict the intake of sodium. A low sodium and light diet is suggested.

4. Low potassium diet to avoid complications

Electrolyte disorder will occur in late stage of kidney disease and kidney patients may suffer from hyperlipidemia. High potassium level is easy to cause arrhythmia and other heart problems. Then other serious complications speed up kidney failure, which is bad for stability of kidney function and creatinine level.

Avoid high potassium foods. Fruits with rich potassium include banana, orange, lemon, nectarine, apricot and plum. And vegetables with abundant potassium include spinach, amaranth, coriander, rape, kale, potato, yam, edamame, soybean and so on.

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