How To Prevent Creatinine Level from Rising

High Creatinine Serum creatinine is an important indicator for measuring kidney function. With the development of kidney function, creatinine level is also different in different stage:

In early stage of kidney inflammatory reaction, kidney function is usually not damaged so creatinine will not increase. Creatinine level is lower than 133umol/L.

In middle stage of kidney inflammatory reaction, kidney function is damaged slightly and serum creatinine level is between 133umol/L and 177umol/L.

In fibroblastic stage, kidney disease progresses to renal insufficiency stage. Serum creatinine level is between 186umol/L and 442umol/L.

In fibrosis and hardening period, kidneys get shrunk and kidney failure occurs. Creatinine level is between 443umol/L and 707umol/L.

In end stage of kidney disease, namely uremia stage, serum creatinine level is higher than 707umol/L.

In the first two stages, kidney function is slightly damaged. Timely treatment can reduce high creatinine level to normal range. When it develops to kidney insufficiency and kidney failure stage, it is also the crucial stage for kidney treatment. Kidneys have substantial damage and it is difficult to reverse kidney function. But it can be controlled. When it is in uremia stage and 90% kidney function is damaged, dialysis must be given to remove toxins to protect residual kidney function.

Patients with irreversible kidney function mainly focus on protecting residual renal function and avoiding uremia.

The following three aspects can prevent serum creatinine level from rising.

1. Promote blood circulation

Creatinine is toxin in our body. Decreased renal filtration leads to increased accumulation of creatinine in the body, which in turn impairs renal function. In addition, with the deterioration of renal function, there are hypertension, proteinuria, edema and other symptoms, thus aggravating the state of renal ischemia and hypoxia, accelerating fibrosis.

In order to relieve this condition, you must focus on improving blood circulation. With smooth blood circulation, toxins can be discharged out of your body. You need to assure the stability of high blood pressure, proteinuria and other symptoms, which is helpful for maintaining the stability of kidney function. Besides, you can take Chinese medicines to dredge the blood.

2. Improve your metabolism

The kidney is an important organ of the body's metabolism. When the metabolic function cannot be exerted normally, it is necessary to strengthen the metabolic function of other tissues. For example, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation can be adopted to excrete toxins through sweat. In addition, diet structure improvement is also helpful for promoting metabolism. You can eat food with less fat and cholesterol. Eat more cellulose and vitamin foods to adjust your metabolic condition.

3. Reduce the burden of your kidney function

Kidney patients should learn to reduce kidney burden. It can reduce metabolic burden and also let your kidneys rest. Change some bad habits such as irregular work and rest, smoking and drinking alcohol.

The above three aspects can let your creatinine level not increase. We hope it can do some help for you.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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