What Foods Are Good for Patients With Kidney Disease

CKD DietKidney patients are not allowed to eat stimulating foods. There are many requirements for kidney diet. “Five low and One high” diet principle is the basic diet requirement. Besides, kidney patients will regulate their diet plan based on their own illness condition, which contributes to the recovery of renal function. There is a dietary principle that kidneys patients can not eat stimulating foods. What foods belong to stimulating foods?

Generally speaking, stimulating foods are a kind of foods that are stimulating and tend to induce or worsen some diseases. Different diseases correspond to different foods. And this is a relative concept.

From Chinese Medicines, stimulating foods will aggravate rheumatism and other diseases. For example, people with physical weakness need to avoid cold foods. If you take cold foods for a long time, your condition can be worsened. This is the effect from stimulating foods.

From Western Medicines, Stimulating Foods refer to “prohibited foods”. For instance, if kidney patients have massive proteinuria and hypoproteinemia in early stage, they need to follow a low but high quality protein diet. However, with the remission of the disease after treatment, they can appropriately increase the intake of low-protein diet, which is more beneficial to the recovery of kidney function.

Stimulating foods which can worsen your condition are divided into two groups:

1. Symptomatic

Kidney disease will cause many complications with its progression such as swelling, hematuria, proteinuria, high blood pressure and anemia, etc. There are dietary guidelines for each symptom. Kidney patients with high blood pressure should stick to a low salt diet. If you do not change your diet, it will worsen your condition.

2. Allergy

Kidney patients need to limit some foods because some foods can worsen allergy and then aggravate inflammatory reaction. It is bad for kidney function. Purpura Nephritis patients should be cautious about their foods. Eggs, seafood, alcohol and seasonings are all foods which are easy to cause allergy. Patients need to avoid such foods.

Which foods are stimulating foods for kidney patients? The following foods should be limited by kidney patients.

1. Foods with rich purine

We all know that too much purine can cause uric acid levels to rise. Many kidney patients’ uric acid and creainine level will increase in stage 3 kidney disease. It is mainly caused by injured kidney function and metabolic disorder. Therefore, in order to reduce uric acid and relieve kidney burden, patients need to eat less animal viscerus, seafood and other high purine foods.

2. High sodium foods

Kidney patients also need to avoid high sodium foods. It can elevate blood pressure and also cause water-sodium retention. It is not good for kidney function.

3. High potassium foods

When 70% kidney function is damaged, kidney patients may have hyperkelamia. And hyperkalemia is the result of serious disorder of electrolytes. It can cause heart problems like irregular heartbeat and heart attack.

4. Bland foods

Some bland foods like cigarette, liquor, peppers and other bland foods can cause relapse or aggravation of your condition. Kidney patients need to limit the intake strictly.

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