Anemia Treatment in Chronic Kidney Disease

Anemia Treatment in Chronic Kidney DiseaseAnemia is one common complications from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Patients can feel fatigue, tired and dizzy, etc. Then what is the cause and treatment for anemia in CKD?

1. Why does CKD cause anemia?

With the deterioration of kidney disease, kidneys secrete deficient erythropoietin which will affect bone marrow to generate blood. In late stage of kidney disease, there will be some toxins in patients’ blood which can disturb the generation and metabolism of red blood cells and reduce the lifespan of red blood cells. At this time, it will cause anemia. Specifically, it is renal aneima.

Renal anemia brings the great harm and it is a risk factor for the deterioration of kidney disease, the incidence of cardiovascular complications and mortality. In severe case, it can cause heart failure, fainting and even shock.

2. What is the treatments for anemia in chronic kidney disease?

Western medicines

Supplement ESAs including erythropoietin

Patients with on dialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients are usually given subcutaneous injection;

Hemofiltration or dialysis patients had better take intravenous or subcutaneous injection;

Receive iron and folic acid

If iron is deficient, you can take orally or give iron supplements intravenously. If folic acid or vitamin B 12 is deficient, you can take folic acids orally or B group vitamins.

Transfusion therapy

If severe anemia can not be correct, you can take transfusion therapy.

The above therapies can all relieve anemia. But anemia can not be treated from root. Here we recommend Chinese medicine treatments which can repair kidney injury and improve renal function so as to correct anemia radically. About more information, you can consult our online doctor or leave a message below.


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