Four Health Care Products for Kidney Patients

CKD,CKD Treatment Kidney patients who lack of certain elements should take targeted supplements under the guidance of a physician. This is the best "care" for the kidneys.

1. Calcitriol

Kidneys have the function of activating vitamin D. After kidneys are damaged, patients will be deficient in vitamin D. Then, calcium will come out of bones and stick to the blood vessel walls. This will result in soft bone and hard blood vessels.

Serum vitamin D (25-hydroxy vitamin D) concentration in patients with nephropathy should be maintained at 20-50ng/mL.

When the concentration is less than 15ng/ml, it should be treated. For example, calcitriol can be used to supplement vitamin D.

2. Caltrate

Kidney patients often are deficient in calcium. Caltrate is the most commonly used kidney calcium supplement in hospitals, which contains both calcium and vitamin D.

3. Human albumin solution

When urine protein is lost from urine, your body lacks protein, which can lead to hypoproteinemia. In severe case, albumin needs to be supplemented specifically, and human blood albumin injection is generally intravenous drip or intravenous injection.

4. Fish oil

Fish oil is a lipid which contains omega-3 fatty acids. It is mainly used to treat IgA Nephropathy. Some scholars also believe that it can be used to treat membranous nephropathy, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, lupus nephritis and partial interstitial nephritis.

Currently, the main treatment for IgA Nephropathy without a large amount of proteinuria is still the pril/sartan class drugs. If the protein in urine is less than 1g after 3 months of taking pril/sartan class drugs (and other auxiliary drugs) for IgA nephropathy, fish oil treatment can be considered.

You should consult your doctor before taking health care products for your kidneys. Any question or doubt, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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