Do Three Things to Reduce Proteinuria and Protect Kidney Function

Do Three Things to Reduce Proteinuria and Protect Kidney Function

Many kidney patients think that the higher the protein in the urine, the more likely it is to cause kidney failure, but actually it depends.

From the perspective of the development process of kidney disease, high proteinuria is indeed not a good thing, which will affect the progress of the whole kidney function, affect the prognosis of kidney disease, and even accelerate the arrival of kidney failure.

But for every kidney disease, it's not that the higher the proteinuria, the worse it is, and the sooner it develops to kidney failure. It is still necessary to comprehensively consider the patient's own conditions such as age, physical condition, pathological type, initial severity of the disease and the initial value of various indicators to judge the severity of the disease, and the probability of developing to renal failure.

There are three key points to reduce proteinuria, which is also a turning point to protect kidney function. The sooner kidney patients do them, the more favorable it is to avoid uremia:

-To boost immunity

The root cause of kidney disease is a problem with the immune system. People with poor immunity are more likely to have kidney function attacked than others. After kidney function is damaged, immunity will become lower and lower, and abnormal inflammation in the body will become active, thus accelerating the failure of kidney function.

To improve immunity, first of all, you should ensure a reasonable and comprehensive nutritional diet, but this is a little difficult for renal patients who need diet restrictions. It is mainly to achieve a reasonable combination of meat, eggs, milk and other aspects of food, and then adhere to the principle of low salt, low fat, low amount of high-quality protein.

Secondly, alternate work with rest and maintain a good attitude. Proper exercises can improve one's immunity and resistance to diseases. Usually, a bad mood means a low immunity, so keep a good mood to prevent more diseases from attacking.

Finally, we should do a good job in prevention, including infection and other aspects. Repeated infection will aggravate kidney inflammation, which is not conducive to the recovery of kidney function. Usually, kidney patients should pay attention to vaccines, personal hygiene and other aspects.

-To control “Three Highs” and avoid renal fibrosis

A few kidney patients often also have high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and high uric acid, increasing difficulty for treating. In addition to increasing the renal blood pressure, Three Highs also leads to the occurrence of renal ischemia and hypoxia, and each will directly damage renal function. Therefore, to reduce proteinuria and protect the remaining renal function, three highs should be lowered and stabilized.

Control "three high" also need to do a good job in medicine, diet, and exercise. Proteinuria and renal function progress are complementary. To slow down the progression of renal fibrosis is the key to reduce proteinuria.

-To improve bad habits, and reduce renal burden.

For some renal patients, the reason why their proteinuria can not be lowered is not remedial problem, but a few external factors. It is mainly divided into several aspects: diet has not been well managed, still maintain the habit of high salt, high protein, high fat diet, which is not suitable for kidney diet management needs, thus aggravating proteinuria; Drug use is not strictly in accordance with the doctor's advice, so that the drug does not play its due role, such as hormone drug withdrawal guidelines. If you stop medicine at will, the effect will be bad. Moreover, smoking, drinking, staying up late and other bad habits will also aggravate proteinuria.

Now you know the three things you should do to reduce proteinuria and protect renal function. For specific treatment recommendations, please consult a physician.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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