Three Ways to Help You Reduce Workload of Kidneys and Protect Renal Function

Three Ways to Help You Reduce Workload of Kidneys and Protect Renal FunctionWe all know that the kidney is the detoxification organ of the body. It is more like a "filter net" in image. After the whole body's blood flows through the kidney, it will leave useful substances through its own filtering function, and automatically screen out waste, which is discharged from the body through urine. Normally, the kidneys can go round and round, but once damaged, the balance is broken. Useful substances such as protein also leaks out into urine. As filtration pressure increases, harmful substances such as uric acid and creatinine will remain in the body, impairing renal function. If not adjusted in time, kidney disease will eventually be triggered.

The main reason for the imbalance of renal function is that the pressure of kidney is too high, which leads to the damage of kidney tissue, the destruction of glomeruli, tubules, interstitial kidneys, and so on. The kidney cells can not bear the burden and die one after another, leading to fibrosis and sclerosis of the kidney, and ultimately the exhaustion of all functions.

In order to protect renal function, the key point of kidney disease treatment is to reduce the burden, reduce the pressure of kidney metabolism, and provide better environment and space for the recovery of renal function.

1. To lower indicators

If there is simply kidney function impairment, the progress is very slow, and it does not go into uremia for decades. However, impaired renal function will affect all parts, tissues and organs of the body, and then lead to a variety of factors accelerating renal failure. Hypertension, hyperuricemia, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia are the four typical symptoms. The imbalance of renal function will cause metabolic problems. These symptoms will appear afterwards, which in turn will increase the metabolic burden of the kidney.

To reduce the burden of kidney, the four indicators should be controlled first. Hypertension should be controlled below 140/90, uric acid should be controlled below 416 umol/L in male patients and 357 umol/L in female patients. Blood sugar and blood lipid should also be tested regularly, especially for obese, overweight kidney patients.

2. To prevent relapse

The refractory kidney disease is also related to relapse. Each relapse is a second blow to kidney function. Infection is the main cause of recurrence of kidney disease. It can lead to active inflammation in the kidney. The more active toxins are produced, the more burden the kidney will bear and the damage to the kidney function will be aggravated. The main cause of infection is low immunity and the effect of steroids and other drugs.

In order to prevent relapse and avoid infection, kidney patients should pay attention to improving immunity. They should mix diet reasonably and exercise properly to improve their disease resistance. Winter influenza can be prevented by vaccination in advance, and take some medicines to improve immunity properly.

3. To manage your life

Some bad habits in life can also unintentionally damage the kidney. Diet has been emphasized many times. Light diet, low salt, and low amount of high quality protein diet is the key; life should be regular, and do not stay up late; do not abuse drugs; in addition to the treatment of essential drugs, do not randomly eat unknown drugs so as to reduce the risk of kidney drug damage; quit smoking, drinking and other bad habits, can also reduce the burden on the kidney. These seemingly insignificant things, for patients with renal insufficiency, are really important.Do not be careless.

Now you know the three ways to help you reduce workload of kidneys and protect renal function. Hope you follow them strictly. For more information on CKD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.


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