Why Is Proteinuria Difficulty To Turn Negative

CKD Symptoms,CKD Treatment Why is proteinuria difficulty to turn negative? The root cause is kidney function damage is hard to reverse.

Kidney compensation function in a normal person is strong and filtering function is normal. Protein in this condition will not leak into urine. When kidneys are attacked, kidney tissues will be damaged, kidney filtering function will be poor and then protein will leak into urine, forming proteinuria.

Obviously, to maintain a low level of proteinuria, renal function must be maintained as stable as possible. If renal function progresses rapidly, proteinuria will also worsen, which in turn will accelerate renal failure, forming a vicious circle.

To avoid the above case, kidney patients need to avoid the following bad habits when treating proteinuria:

1. No active treatment

Kidney function will become worse in the late stage and the final consequence is uremia. Therefore, the earlier you take treatment, the better you will be. If you take active treatment to prevent inflammation and eliminate proteinuria when kidney function is just damaged, there are more treatment methods and the chance to get recovered is greater.

However, since some kidney patients know little about kidney disease and think they do not need to take treatment when no symptoms occur. When you delay the treatment, you will miss the best treatment time, causing proteinuria to become more persistent.

2. No medication persistence

Most renal patients use immunosuppressive agents, hormones and other drugs. These drugs can stabilize renal function and decrease protein by inhibiting the development of inflammation in the kidney. Although the targeted treatment is strong, the effect is slow. With the increase of dosage and duration, the effect will present out gradually. For patients with different illness condition, the response degree of hormone effect is also different. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to show effects. But it takes 3 months or longer for urine protein to completely turn negative.

Some patients are not patient and do not have medication persistence. This causes proteinuria relapse.

How to treat proteinuria effectively?

1. Follow a proper diet

Illness finds its way in by the mouth. Some bad diet habits will cause healthy problems. As for kidney patients with proteinuria, too much protein and salt intake is bad for kidneys. Because kidneys can not metabolize excess protein and salt as usual. In this condition, protein and salt will accumulate in your body, worsening your condition.

The dietary principle for reducing proteinuria and protecting kidneys is low salt, low but high quality protein diet.

2. Protect your kidneys

Except for treatments in the hospital, you also need to protect your kidneys and develop a good habit of protecting your kidneys such as regular work and rest, adequate sleep, moderate exercise, more water intake. Also you need to change your bad habits such as drug abuse, smoking and drinking, etc.

It is suggested that kidney patients learn some information about kidney disease and take regular check up. Any question, welcome to leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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