This Abnormal Indicator Can Speed up Kidney Disease to Uremia

 CO2 combining capacity, kidney disease, uremiaIn patients with impaired renal function, one of the indicators in blood biochemical tests often decreases: CO2 combining power. This indicator represents the concentration of bicarbonate in the blood.

The reason why the CO2 combining power decreases is that when the renal function declines, the concentration of acidic substances in blood increases, while the concentration of alkaline substances decreases, resulting in the decrease of bicarbonate concentration in blood.

What harm does low CO2 combining power have?

Studies have found that patients with low carbon dioxide combining capacity are more prone to acidosis, renal failure progresses faster, and uremia prevalence is higher. The incidence of uremia in a patient with a bicarbonate concentration of 20 mmol/L is about three times higher than that in a patient with a bicarbonate concentration of 25 mmol/L.

The target range of carbon dioxide combining capacity is 23-29 mmol/l. When it is lower than 22 mmol/l, doctors usually give patients alkaline treatment: oral sodium bicarbonate supplementation.

JASN (Journal of Kidney Disease No. 1, IF 8.288) published a study in which 134 patients with renal failure were randomly divided into two groups: one group took sodium bicarbonate (600 mg once, three times a day) and the other group did not.

After two years of follow-up, the researchers found that in the sodium bicarbonate group, the decline in glomerular filtration rate was significantly slowed down and the risk of uremia was reduced.

Not only in patients with renal failure, but also in patients with nephritis and Nephrotic Syndrome, taking sodium bicarbonate can reduce the risk of progression.

Some kidney patients think that sodium bicarbonate is useless. They started eating it for two days and then stopped eating it. In fact, it has a great role in protecting the kidney if it is kept on eating for a long period of time.

Now you know that abnormal CO2 combining capacity can speed up kidney disease to uremia. In the daily, you should pay attention to it, and take moderate sodium bicarbonate to improve it. For more information on kidney disease treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.


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