How To Treat Children With Lupus Nephritis

CKD Treatment The treatment for children with Lupus Nephritis seems to be very complex. Follow us to see what we should pay attention to in the treatment of pediatric Lupus Nephritis.

1. Children should insist on long time of treatment.

Children should take long time of treatment and some patients even need to take long time of treatment. This disease has a strong genetic background, so far, although drug treatment can be very good to alleviate the disease, but can not treat the disease completely, so patients need a long-term medication. Some patients stop the medicines without the guidance of professional doctors because they worry about the side effects of medication. This causes disease relapse frequently.

When Lupus Nephritis is in active stage and kidney inflammatory reaction is severe, it usually requires large doses and combined drugs (such as hormones, cellcept, etc., known as induction phase) for treatment so as to quickly control inflammation and prevent further kidney damage. After it is controlled, small doses to maintain the treatment are used to prevent relapse and protect kidney function (maintenance therapy). Long-term use of large doses must cause complications. But without maintenance treatment, it can also cause the repeated activities of lupus and renal damage is worsened again. It eventually develops into renal failure. Therefore, in the course of treatment, treatment should be timely adjusted according to the activity of lupus.

2. Treatment plans for pediatric lupus nephritis vary from person to person.

There are different types of Lupus Nephritis so for different patients and types, different treatment plans should be adopted. Currently, high dose hormone combined with cyclophosphamide intravenous therapy is not suitable for all patients with lupus nephritis. Children are given anti-lupus drugs according to clinical conditions and renal biopsy under the guidance of doctors. And in long-term maintenance stage, the combination of Chinese medicines and western medicines not only has good curative effects, but also has no side effects. Patients can still live and work normally.

3. Treatment of pediatric lupus nephritis should emphasize the concept of holistic treatment

Since Lupus Nephritis is a systemic disease, you should protect your kidney function and other important organs like heart, lung or brain while controlling the activity of Lupus Nephritis.

In summary, children with lupus nephritis should accept professional, scientific and standard treatment, choose a regular and specialized hospital. Doctors give you a long-term treatment plan based on your condition and you take regular checkup. Only in this way can we effectively control the disease, block the development of the disease to the greatest extent and reduce the drug complications, and achieve the best treatment effect to maintain a high quality life.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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