What Should Be Paid Attention to During Sleep in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease

Sleep, Coronary Heart DiseaseWhat should be paid attention to during sleep in patients with coronary heart disease? For patients with coronary heart disease, there are still many things to pay attention to during sleep. The following edition will give you a detailed introduction to the sleep precautions of patients with coronary heart disease.

1. To take a nap every day

Experts say that a half-hour nap every day can reduce the incidence of angina pectoris in coronary heart disease by about 30%. Therefore, patients with coronary heart disease must take a nap every day. They also need to pay attention to their posture. Some elderly people with coronary heart disease are used to sitting a nap. In fact, this kind of nap is extremely wrong. It is easy to oppress the chest, which will affect normal breathing and lead to an increase in cardiac load. And it can also cause brain ischemia, so patients with coronary heart disease should lie in bed to sleep.

2. To pay attention to bedtime security

Scientific sleep quality is very important for patients with coronary heart disease. Do not be too tense before sleeping. To learn to relax mood. And to listen to some soft music to ease the mood.

Dinner should be light. Do not eat too full. To eat food that is more easy to digest. And drink some boiled water. Insufficient water intake will lead to increased blood viscosity at night.

Do not watch stimulating TV programs before going to bed, otherwise it will affect the quality of sleep, easily leading to insomnia.

And to develop the habit of taking foot bath before going to bed, which can promote blood circulation and alleviate the fatigue of the day.

3. To pay attention to sleep position

Patients with coronary heart disease should sleep by lying on the right side with head high and feet low. Sleeping in this way can alleviate the muscles of the whole body, achieve relaxation, ensure smooth breathing, then it will not oppress the heart, and ensure the oxygen supply needed by the whole body in the state of sleep. Sleep with head high and feet low can reduce the amount of blood returned to the heart, can greatly reduce the burden of the heart, and is conducive to the heart to be fully rested. However, if the condition of patients with coronary heart disease has been quite serious, they should take a semi-recumbent way to sleep, which can alleviate the symptoms of dyspnea and other symptoms.

4. To watch out for getting up in the morning

Early morning is a time when the risk of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction is quite high, and the most dangerous moment is the moment of waking up. So the first thing to wake up in the morning is not to get up dressed, but to lie on the back for about ten minutes. It should also be able to massage the new front area and head, do deep breathing and yawning, and stretch so as to relax the muscles of whole body. Then sit up slowly, get out of bed slowly, and finally put on clothes and get up, which can maximize the prevention of heart attack.

What should be paid attention to during sleep in patients with coronary heart disease? Now you get the answer. For more information on coronary heart disease, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.


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