What Is Cerebral Infarction and What Is the Treatment

Cardiovascular Disease TreatmentCerebral infarction is a kind of chronic progressive disease. In the process of treatment, it has frequent relapse, which severely shakes patients’ confidence and enthusiasm. And because it can cause brain damage and even disability, you should be very careful about the treatment. Because the recurrence of cerebral infarction determines that its treatment must be a long and lasting process, it is necessary to formulate a long-term prevention and treatment plan, in order to deal with its recurrence and the aggravation of the condition caused by the complications.

Chinese medicine treatments for cerebral infarction

1. High blood pressure is easy to cause cerebral infarction. Therefore, we should pay attention to the control of blood pressure when we adjust blood pressure. Anti-hypertensive drugs should be used reasonably when it is high but blood pressure should not be reduced too low, lest cerebral ischemia is caused.

2. When cerebral infarction happens, we must try to make the patient keep breathing smoothly. If we cannot make the patient breathe normally, we can give oxygen or cut open the organs to achieve the purpose of breathing.

3. Cerebral edema is a remarkable feature of large cerebral infarction. If sudden cerebral infarction occurs, it is important to take timely measures to reduce the symptoms of intracranial pressure and cerebral edema, otherwise it is difficult to predict whether death will occur within 1 week.

4. Antibiotics are used to prevent the patient from urinary tract infection and respiratory tract during the course of treatment.

5. Injection of low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) can effectively prevent the formation of pulmonary embolism and inhibit the formation of deep venous thrombosis in lower limbs.

6. After sudden cerebral infarction, patients will lose the ability to move, so they can only stay in bed, which is a long-term process. Therefore, turn over the patients on time during the long-term stay in bed so as to prevent the occurrence and development of bedsores.

7. Balanced diet and nutritional sufficiency is the material basis for a healthy body. So pay attention to reasonable diet arrangements.

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