What Can Be Done To Help Women Prevent Heart Disease

Cardiovascular Disease Treatment What can be done to help women prevent heart disease? I believe this is the question that people want to know and understand. I collect relevant information for you and hope to give you some help.

What measures can help women prevent heart disease?

1. Avoid over obesity

Obesity will increase the incidence of hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia by 2-6 times, which are all high risk factors for heart disease. Avoiding obesity is to eat a healthy and balanced diet, take coarse grain as staple food like whole grain and brown rice. Meanwhile, you need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, choose low fat foods and eat less animal organs. No excessive drinking. Reduce salt intake appropriately.

2. No smoking

Smoking will increase the risk of heart disease by 2 times.

3. Stay active

Regular exercise can increase your heart function, help the proliferation of small vessels and thicken the small blood vessels to avoid the blockage of blood vessels. A study focused on 84,000 female nurses in the United States show that brisk walking is extremely good for cardiovascular system. Brisk walking for at least 3 hours in a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by 40% and stroke.

4. Control chronic diseases

It is very important to control chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes in the prevention of heart disease. Many high blood pressure patients do not take medicines regularly. It is not the right thing to do. High blood pressure is the symptom of cardiovascular diseases. Taking anti-hypertensive medicines and controlling blood pressure is to protect the cardiovascular system.

5. Maintain a regular life

Irregular daily schedule, often staying up, mental stress and irritation will bring a bad effect on hearts. Also it brings a bad effect on immunity and physical function.

I hope the above information can do some help for you to prevent heart diseases. Forming good living habits and eating habits can help people get rid of diseases as soon as possible. If you feel uncomfortable, please go to a regular hospital in time to avoid missing the best treatment period, which will lead to the deterioration of the condition, causing harm to their own health.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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