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Who are we?

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Traditional Chinese Medicine originated in ancient China and has evolved over thousands of years. It does not only include oral Chinese medicine, but also external applications, such as Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, etc. Due to its remarkable effect and few side effects, it attracts more and more people’s attention. In order to promote Chinese medicine culture and make more people enjoy Chinese medicine, we set up this website. And over the past years, we have fulfilled our duty of serving the society and serving the people. We will practice TCM going out, serve the global people, and spread TCM culture.

What can we do for you?

We can provide medical service for you to check your symptoms, have a clear mind of your disease and help you find out the most suitable Chinese medicine. If you would like to travel to China, the original place of Chinese medicine, for treatment, we can provide you a variety of services, such as pick-up services, inpatient rooms, make an appointment with doctors, languages, visa, shopping, sightseeing, entertainment, etc. Here you will not only treat your disease, but also have a chance to travel in China and experience the special Chinese culture [understand more].

Our medical team

Our medical team is consisted of the top Chinese medicine doctors in China. All the information on this website is medically reviewed by these experienced doctors, so you can get an exact knowledge about Chinese medicine. When you come to China for treatment, you can have a close interaction with these doctors.

Zhang Daning

-Professor Zhang Daning: Postdoctoral, national famous TCM doctor, first group pf experts receiving governmental allowance.

He has been the doctor of central health care, health care for central leaders of China and central government grants him as excellent doctor of health care.

Yang Hongtao

-Professor Yang Hongtao: MD, doctoral supervisor, national outstanding clinical talents of traditional Chinese medicine

He has been engaged in Chinese medicine and Integrative Medicine combined with clinical, scientific research and teaching more than 20 years.

Zhang Youkang

-Professor Zhang Youkang: MD, doctoral supervisor, receiving governmental allowance.

He has been working at the field of kidney disease research, clinical working and hospital management for 40 years.

Chen Zhiqiang

-Professor Chen Zhiqiang: MD, postdoctoral, chief physician, doctoral supervisor

He is good at using Chinese medicine to treat various kidney disease, such as acute and chronic nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome, IgA Nephropathy, Lupus Nephritis, Purpura Nephritis, high blood pressure kidney damage, kidney cyst, kidney tones, etc.

Zheng Falei

-Professor Zheng Falei: Doctoral supervisor, MD, receiving governmental allowance.

He is mainly engaged in the metabolism of chronic renal failure and early prevention and research, as well as drug nephrotoxicity, renal tubular interstitial disease, electrolyte metabolism and other aspects of research.

Cheng Xiaohong

-Professor Cheng Xiaohong: MD, chief physician, master's supervisor

He is very proficient in Chinese and western medicine theory of nephropathy as well as domestic and international diagnosis and treatment progress.

Our honor

Joint Commission International

-Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation

International Health Care Base

-International Health Care Base

Member of Chinese Life Care Association

-Member of Chinese Life Care Association

Seeking Medical Cooperation

In order to promote Chinese medicine culture, we are seeking medical cooperation all over the world. Would you like to be our agents or internship?

-To be our agents

(1) Who can be our agents

There is no special requirement on such a position. You can be doctors, or nurses, or patients or students or some other people who are interested in Chinese medicine.

(2) As our agents, what should you do?

1. To collect patients through your own ways, deliver appropriate patients (kidney diseases, hypertension, diabetes, sub-health etc.) to our hospital to receive medical treatments voluntarily.

2. To follow up all the procedures and steps taken by the patient till he leaves the home country to china, and keep us be updated of follow-up and procedures.

3. To send patient’s case brief summary, latest test reports, passport, contact information to us as earlier as possible so as to let us make forward preparations for patient’s coming.

(3) Interests of agents

Situation 1:

Patients resources are from our hospital originally. We provide patients to get your help. With your promotion, patients come here for treatment, you will get 10% of patient’s total hospital cost as agency fee.

Situation 2:

Grade- Partnership Cooperation Mode

Patients resources are from yourself originally. You can introduce your own patients directly by your own ways, or indirectly by other agents or representatives etc., the mode is: Representative A (You) let one other Representative (Representative B) join in, Representative B let another Representative C to introduce patients come for treatment finally. The distribution of agency fee is as table below:

Interests of agents

The Payment Time: Once the patient is formally discharged from the hospital, Party A informs Party B and send the agency fee to Party B and its partners’ specified bank accounts within three working days.

-To be our trainees

In our hospital, we do Chinese medicine training all year round. If you are very interested in Chinese medicine and want to practice Chinese medicine, you can come to our hospital for training. There are three levels of training.

Level 1

Cost: 10,000 USD for approximately 3 months of study.

Professor: Chinese medicine experts in our hospital.

Free retraining: 1 year.

Scholarship: If you can introduce new members to our hospital, you will have 20% of the agency fee.

Member introduced or patient> 3/month, in addition to the agency fee, you can get an additional 1000 USD.

Additional rewards: 1-day visit in China for free.

Level 2

Cost: 15,000 USD for a study of approximately 6 months.

Teacher: apprentice master of traditional Chinese medicine.

Free retraining: 2 years.

Scholarship: If you can introduce new members to our hospital, you will have 30% of the agency fee.

Introduced or patient member> 5/month, in addition to the agency fee, you can get an additional 2000 USD.

Extra rewards: 3-day visit in China for free.

Level 3

Cost: 20,000 USD for a study of approximately 1 year.

Teacher: Master of traditional Chinese medicine.

Free retraining: for life.

Scholarship: If you can introduce new members to our hospital, you will have 40% of the agency fee.

The member or patient introduced> 7/month, in addition to the agency fee, you can obtain an additional 3,000 USD.

Extra rewards: 5-day visit in China for free.